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Pic of my Client Roz! Age: She’ll never say 😉

Short on time? (Yes Jeff, always).

A quick why….

Why these 3? 1) they work the whole body 2) they’re low (enough) impact on the body 3) they work your triceps, biceps, shoulder, abs, low and mid back…without doing specific exercises for each of those muscle groups.

Long story short, if you don’t have time for a proper stretch/workout, this is your jam.

ok, ok, so let’s get into it.

Here are the 3 exercises to keep you fit when time–or motivation–are low.

Let’s start with getting the heart rate up, so we burn a few extra calories in our 5 minutes. It’s the Sumo Squat…’er, well, most people hate when I call it the Sumo Squat, so, the ‘Plie’ squat may be a little more palatable.

All Images taken from Next Step’s Video-Based Fitness Program

Most squats just work quads and strain your knees. Consequently your low back will eventually tighten. If your back has already tightened up <—–Click here—-<

The Plie however works your Inner Thighs AND BOOTY. Who isn’t trying to change those things?? Fellas…you should be trying to change those, in the name of health and love/sex life 😉

So find something you can hold on to with extended arms. Step your feet wide…wider…wider than you think. Every time.

Images taken from Next Step’s Video-Based Fitness Program

Turn your toes out so they are at a 45* angle

Squat down and back (remember you’re holding on so you don’t fall back)

***Make sure your Toes don’t disappear behind your knees!!**

Images taken from Next Step’s Video-Based Fitness Program
Your Knees don’t go forward at all

I used 3 pictures to help make one point, you can trust it’s important 🙂 When your knees go forward, you put strain on the joint and all tendons surrounding it. Hear this (read this), every exercise should increase the health of your joints and tendons. If they’re not, why are you doing them??

Last point, when you’re pressing to bring yourself back up from the squat, press thru your heels. That will flex your BUTT! And your Inner Thighs.

Stay with me here, this longer blog is leading you to shorter workouts 🙂

Images taken from Next Step’s Video-Based Fitness Program

Don’t be a hero, KNEELING Push Ups are often more effective! Your hands are wider than your (Next Step) Yoga Mat.

Shoulders are down, away from your ears. Bend your elbows so they go wide. And Press thru your palms to better flex your chest! (Chest and Triceps–back of your arms Louise ;)–are the primary workers here). Oh, and lose that F’ing sway in your back Jeff!

Lastly, let’s work the back and biceps, and core…and hips. It’s a kneeling Row

Images taken from Next Step’s Video-Based Fitness Program

Kneeling will work your Core more, especially if you lean forward towards a push up position.

From there, grip your Next Step Resistance Band and retract from your back, to lift your arm

*Often times we just lift our arms, assuming we work our backs*

We don’t, we have to start the movement from our backs, to work our backs.

Try this, forget about your hand (but still hold onto the weight). Draw your elbow to the sky, to flex your back

Alternate back and forth to each arm and you’ll feel your core kick in in a BIG way. (OBLIQUES BABY! we need them, we want them. This is a great way to get them)

Oh, and of course, keep your shoulders away from your ears

Images taken from Next Step’s Video-Based Fitness Program

Live Life well ya’ll,

Trainer Jeff