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“I really am pain free…”

“I’m working 12 hours a day, I’m traveling all over the country – some internationally – and so to be able to maintain my health as much as I have been has been incredibly important. I think the thing to focus on is, do you want to get better?”

~ Rosalind Wiseman
President, Cultures Of Dignity

What Others Have To Say

Are you looking for pain relief? Strength? To fix faulty movement patterns? This guy can do it. I love how he approaches strength training through movement and truly cares about each of his clients.

Nicholas Doyle

Next Step Fitness Customer

Had some work done on my ulnar nerve after a a few different comminuted fractures in my fingers and hand. All my pain disappeared and the quality of my grip strength greatly improved. Thanks Jeff !

Laura Backhaus

Next Step Fitness Customer

If you are looking for a trainer or someone to help with physical rehab, I strongly recommend Jeff Sidwell. I started going to him about 9 months ago and he has helped me so much with the after-effects of an annular disc tear in my back and some other long-term sports injuries. I am pain-free at this point and so much stronger.

Ben W.

Next Step Fitness Customer

I have lost 13 pounds in 3 months, and I am so thrilled to see the changes that my body will make with him helping me tone my body! I’m excited to get fit!
You rock Jeff!!! Thank you for helping me along this journey.

Gloria Roberts

Next Step Fitness Customer

Jeff was knowledgeable, patient, and kind in helping me rehabilitate my long term shoulder injury. Highly recommended!

Dan Backhaus

Next Step Fitness Customer

Jeff understands holistic health and physical patterns. After our sessions, breakthroughs and revolutions seemed possible.

Elizabeth P.

Next Step Fitness Customer

Jeff is amazing at what he does. I recommend him to many patients, because of the care that he provides and because his priority is to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. I have seen him help with strength and conditioning, but also is restoring function and health. 

Zach Roberts

Next Step Fitness Customer

Jeff is very intuitive and has SO much knowledge about the human body.

Melissa Asarch

Next Step Fitness Customer

Jeff is amazing! My friend convinced me to try his services and I have NOT been disappointed. In less than 90 days, he has helped improve my flexibility and strength, which has helped me do my job better. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Susan S.

Next Step Fitness Customer

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“I never thought I could…”

Next Step Fitness Testimonial - Fritz's First 14er With Son

“I never thought I could… but with The Next Step I did. And the best part, I got to share the experience with my son!”

~ Fritz
Climbed his first 14er with his son

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